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Walk with Lions
Predator's Love

Walking with Lions

At the Predator Kingdom, Safari adventures brings you the best of the Big Cats experiences in Mauritius. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to have once in a lifetime experience. Big Cats encounters include: walking with lions, interaction with cheetah, caracal and serval, feeding the lions and the drive-thru to see tigers and lions in their natural habitat. 
With the supervision and guidance of our Rangers and Keepers, you will get even closer, and experience first-hand what it is to walk alongside the lions, let them lead the way on this adventure. Awe inspiring, delightful, and a once in-a-lifetime experience.


Rs 4750 pp (includes entrance to Casela Nature Park)

  • Participants must be physically and mentally capable to perform this particular activity

  • All participants must understand English or French, so they can follow the instructions of our guides while dealing with the animals. This is very important for the safety of this activity

  • Not available on Sundays

  • ID Proof is required

  • No under at least 15 years

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