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Swim with dolphins - shared


All year round in Mauritius, nature lovers can enjoy the most exciting experience in Black River or Tamarin Bay: swimming with the dolphins!
Both Spinners and Bottlenose dolphins are seen playing in the bay in the early morning before going back to
the open sea.


Get onboard our speedboat for this encounter of a lifetime. You will have all the snorkeling equipment, including masks, fins, and snorkels available on board.

• From May to October from 7:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m
• From November to April as from 6:00 a.m
• Meet and swim with Spinners and Bottlenose dolphins


*You can also rent the boat privately and leave as early as 6:00 if desired



Rs 1950 per person 

Two kinds of dolphins can be observed in Mauritian waters: the Spinner and the Bottlenose. The peers do not like to share the same spot and you will never see them together: If the Spinners are around and the Bottlenose dolphins arrive, the Spinners will leave the bay, heading to the open sea.

Being one of the most common species, the Bottlenose dolphin is known all over the world. It is also the biggest amongst the different species of dolphins with a weight of up to 650 kg and a length of up to 12 feet! They are famous for their intelligence, very gentle and willing to approach humans.

In Mauritius, they live in groups of 2 to 15 members and can be observed early in the morning until 11:30 a.m. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, you may see them in the afternoon, swimming in the crystal clear lagoon, in 1.5 meters depth water.

The most playful of the dolphins, the Spinners, live in large groups of up to 100 members. Much smaller than their fellow peers, the Bottlenose, they grow up to 80 kg and 8 feet. Famous for being very active, they play together as the morning is their time to train the calves which are generally about 1 feet long and weigh not more than 3 kg.

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