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Learn Mauritian Creole words in 5 Minutes.

Your Mauritius holiday is booked and you can't wait for your tropical getaway. You have done your homework and have learned that the most widely spoken language in Mauritius is French and Mauritian Creole. You can only speak English and now you are worried. How will they understand you in Mauritius? How will you be able to order your favourite drink in a restaurant, or ask for directions to a beach?

Don't stress! Most of the hotels in Mauritius and the tourism industry speak and understand English so you won't be completely lost. Mauritian people are also very friendly and helpful.

We compiled a list of helpful Mauritian Creole words for you to learn before you arrive in Mauritius. Speaking just a little bit of Mauritian Creole will help you a lot. You will be able to buy something in the market or order that favourite drink at a local restaurant. It will also help immerse you into the local culture and make your holiday experience so much better.

English to Mauritian Creole

Hello - Bonzour (pronounce bon-zoor)

Hi - Allo (pronounce Ah-low)

Good evening - Bonswar (pronounce bon-swaar)

What is your name? - Koma ou appélé? (pronounced Koh-mha oo ap-pel?)

My name is Sam - Mo appele Sam (pronounced Mow ap-pele Sam)

Nice to meet you - Enchante (pronounced ehn-shan-tay)

How are you? - Ki manyer? (pronounced kee-mah-nee-air?)

I’m fine - Mo bien (pronounced mow bee-en)

Well, thank you - Byen merci (pronounced Bee-en mersy)

Please - Sil to/ou plait (pronounced Sil to pleh)

Are you alright? - Eski to korek? (pronounced ess-kee tow koh-reck?)

Sir - Misyé (pronounced mis-yeh)

Mam - Madam (pronounced Ma-dam)

Child - Zanfan (pronounced zarn-far)

Girl - Mamzel (pronounced Mam-zel)

Don’t worry - Pas traka (pronounced pah-tra-kah)

I am glad - Mo content (pronounced Mow-con-tan)

No problem - Pena Problem (pronounced pay-nah proh-blem)

Everything is okay - Tou Korek (pronounced two koh-reck)

What are you doing? - Ki to pe fer? (pronounced kee-to-pay-fair?)

Pretty - Zoli (pronounced Zo-li)

Good - Bon (pronounced bon)

House - Lakaz (pronounced la-kazz)

Hotel - Lotel (pronounced low-tell)

Beach - Laplaz (pronounced la-plazz)

Shop - Laboutik (pronounced la-boo-tick)

Food - Manze (pronounced man-zay)

Here is a great English to Mauritian Creole translator - Mauritian Creole Translator | TALK Mauritius

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