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Best of the West Tour

Experience some of the best highlights of the West and discover the main tourist sights and attractions in the West of Mauritius.

As part of this tour you will see, experience and visit the following places in the West: 

  • Grand Bassin

  • Black River Gorges

  • Alexandra Falls

  • Chamarel

  • Chamarel Falls

  • Seven Coloured Earth

  • Chamarel Rhumerie

The full day private West Tour includes:

  • Private Tour, only for you in a private vehicle.

  • Pick up and drop off from any hotel / place of accommodation anywhere in Mauritius

  • Full transportation to all the sights

  • A personal experienced and knowledgeable driver guide to show you around and inform you on each of the sights

  • Entrance to Seven Coloured Earth

  • Entrance and rum tasting at Chamarel Rhumerie



Rs 3250 per adult

(based on 2 adults sharing)

Rs 1500 per child 

Family rate - Rs 8300

(2 adults and 2 kids)

Best of the West Tour – Tour Itinerary


  • Immerse yourself in the culture of Mauritius with a visit to Ganga Talao also known as Grand Bassin. It is a crater lake, about 550 m above sea level. It is located in the South West of Mauritius. On the shoreline sits a Hindu temple along with a collection of small shrines dedicated to the Lord Shiva and other Hindu gods. It is also the location of the impressive 33 meter (108ft) high statue of Lord Shiva. 


Grand Bassin is considered the most sacred Hindu place in Mauritius and the history as a pilgrimage site goes back to 1887, when a priest had a dream in which he saw the lake's water springing from the river Jahnavi, another name for the goddess Ganga. 


Every year since then pilgrims have trekked to the lake at the time of Maha Shivaratri to give offerings to the gods and to pray.

  • Located on the South West of Mauritius is the charming village of Chamarel, home to The Seven Coloured Earth and the magnificent Chamarel Waterfall. 

Chamarel’s Seven Coloured Earth is one of those surreal things that will make your curiosity run wild.  Set in the middle of lush green vegetation, this unique geological oddity is one of those amazing creations of nature that just make you look again. Colours of red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow sand dunes unfolds before your eyes, leaving you utterly mesmerized. Created by nature millions of years ago, here today to amaze you. The Park is 8.5 hectares and you will be able to walk between the many sand dunes, along trails and see this unique sight. Don't forget to go and see the Giant Turtles while you there!

  • The Chamarel Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Mauritius, with a 100m drop. The sight of this impressive waterfall against the tropical forest and mountains is truly breathtaking. It is fed by two rivers, the St. Denis and Viande Salée and it has distinct streams plunging down into the gorge. 

  • You will also drive through the Black River Gorges Nature Park, where you will see many endangered species of plants and animals. Along the way you will stop for a viewpoint of the Black River Gorges nature park and of Alexandra waterfalls. 


The Black River Gorges National park protects most of the island's remaining rainforest, and is home to many species of wild animals and birds. Some endangered bird species include the Mauritius kestrel, the echo parakeet, the pink pigeon, Mauritian flying fox, Mauritius bulbul, and Mauritius olive white-eye. .

About the Alexandra Waterfall

  • Driving through Chamarel you will notice all the sugarcane fields interweaved with pineapples and other exotic fruits growing in the region.  Here perched 300m above the La Rhumerie de Chamarel. Here you will get a guided tour and a detailed explanation on the rum making process. During certain times of the year you can even see the whole rum making process as it happens. The rum from La Rhumerie de Chamarel differs from your typical rum. It is beautiful and smooth and full of different flavours. They also have a great collection of aged and premium rums. The best part of the tour is of course the chance to taste all these rums. We love the vanilla and coconut.



Rs 3250 per adult

(based on 2 adults sharing)

Rs 1500 per child 

Family rate - Rs 8300

(2 adults and 2 kids)


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