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Explore Mauritius with electro bikes in a fun and eco-friendly way!

Enjoy an authentic and ecological way to explore Mauritius’ breathtaking views, lush nature and wild cliffs. Experience an exhilarating feeling of escape and freedom with our electric power-assisted bike.

We cater for electro bike groups of 4 to 9 people, as from 12 years old, and provide our customers with comfortable electric bikes, adapted for all kinds of surface conditions, as well as gloves, a helmet and a backpack containing bottles of water.

Follow our guide on paved streets, side roads or sand paths. One thing you can be sure of, adventure is always around the bend. 




● Departure: 9 am from Flic-en-Flac
● Duration: 3-4 hours
● Price per person: Rs 1,950

● Transfer : Available on request
● Difficulty level : Easy
● Cycling distance : 35 km
● Average Elevation : 250 m

This scenic trip from Flic-en-Flac takes you through Medine’s sugar cane fields and reveals surprising discoveries along the way. Snap some great pictures while admiring the splendid view over the bay of Albion and its famous lighthouse, perched on the cliffs of Pointe aux Caves. This is your next stop-over, following the coastal road. With a bit of luck, you will see dolphins and even admire the majestic ballet of whales in winter. You will follow the same route for the return trip, except in Flic-en-Flac, where you will discover the pleasure of riding on the beach, along the shimmering lagoon

Rs 1950 per person (12 and above)

* 4 people needed for excursion


● Departure: 9 am from Bel Ombre
● Duration: 5 hours
● Price per person: Rs 2,700 including lunch
● Transfer back to hotel available at extra cost
● Difficulty level: moderate
● Cycling distance: 40 km
● Average Elevation: 250 m

Let us take you on a fabulous adventure while exploring the most beautiful and wild landscapes of the South of Mauritius. From Bel Ombre, you will reach the golden beach of Riambel for a rejuvenating walk. From there, you will head to a true adventurer’s delight: the stunning Rochester Falls, a waterfall nestled in picture-perfect natural decor. Wander through the dusty trails surrounded by sugar cane fields in Terracine to the steep cliffs of Andrea, until you reach the famous “Roche qui Pleure”, literally the rock that cries, in the most spectacular part of Gris Gris. The surroundings offer the ideal setting to enjoy a delicious picnic, before heading back home.

Rs 2700 per person (12 and above)

Includes lunch

* 4 people needed for excursion


● Departure: 9 am from Case Noyale

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